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BTT (Alberta Regional Consultation for Career Development)

In 1995, the Alberta Career Development Action Group created a Regional Consultation for Career Development called Building Tomorrow Today. The consultation brought together members of the career development community to learn of new developments in products and resources, share best practices, focus on visions for the future, and provide feedback to career development leaders. At the first regional consultation in 1995, 400 people attended. By 1998 it had grown to 650 participants and in 2001 over 800 people attended, making it likely the second largest career development conference in the world. In 1997, BTT was co-hosted and co-planned by the Action Group and the newly formed Career Development Association of Alberta (CDAA), and the shared roles that now have been created is a testament to the collaborative manner in which the Action Group operates. I had the privilege of serving as a program co-chair for BTT from 1995 to 2001. Since 2002, BTT has been planned as the annual conference of the CDAA. The idea of provincial action groups and regional consultations on career development has spread to other provinces as well. Today, consultations are held in British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, providing a further increase in the profile of career development in Canada.

For information on this year's consultation, and late breaking news on key note speakers, and program details, please visit the CDAA web site.