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People face many demands, but they don't necessarily experience stress in all of the demands they face. When I speak to groups about stress and stress control I emphasize a wholistic systemic approach to stress and coping that incorporates managing the demands people face and managing their reactions to those demands. Some highlights are provided below.

Click here for a summary of my approach to dealing with stress (pdf. file, 428 KB)
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Work-Life Balance: Pulling Your Own Strings

For many people, increased personal and workplace demands have created a lifestyle that is out of balance and unnecessarily stressful. This session focused on practical ways to create a healthy and wellness-oriented workplace and in the process achieve a more balanced lifestyle.

This topic was part of the Ruby Tuesdays series of special events to celebrate the U of C's 40th anniversary, held on October 17, 2006.

I gave the opening keynote address at a recent wellness conference, Pathways to Wellness. Click here for a sumary of that presentation.