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I continue to be a frequent speaker on topics related to stress and stress control and also career-life planning. I am an Associate of the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF). I also am an active member of the Canadian Research Working Group for Evidence-Based Practice in Career Development (CRWG). I was vice-president of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance (IAEVG) from 1999-2007 president of IAEVG 2007-2009, and vice-president of IAEVG 2009-2011. In these roles I worked with organizations such as UNESCO and the Euro Guidance Council to provide training and inservice to professionals in many countries.

In the past, I have coordinated many provincial, national, and international professional initiatives designed to raise the profile of career development, career guidance, and counselling psychology. One of my main goals in all of these initiatives was to work with others to develop a sustainable approach to advancing our profession and meeting needs that was not dependent on me for success. Thus, in some of these initiatives, the need has been met and the initiative is finished, while in other cases, I have moved into a supportive role so that others can assume the leadership roles and benefit from being involved in helping to shape our professional evolution. For more details, please click on the appropriate heading to the left.