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Bridging Self-Care with Health Care

Carol Malec and I worked with several graduate students investigating the effects of exercise, lifestyle education, fitness, and stress. This research received the support of many generous partners: the Calgary Health Trust, Calgary Health Region, Gimble Eye Centre, Berlex Canada, PetroCanada, Shoppers Drug Mart, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. We conducted a series of studies including analogue investigations exploring the efficacy of our program, component analysis studies, controlled outcome studies, and a randomized controlled trial, which was the focus of Carol's dissertation research. We explored a variety of treatment conditions: exercise only, education only, exercise and education, and waiting list control. We utilized a variety of dependent measures to tap fitness, stress, and quality of life, usually administered at 4 - 6 week intervals. We worked with self-diagnosed couch potatoes, the typical person on the street, over weight people, and people with chronic illnesses, specifically those diagnosed with breast cancer or MS.

We are thankful to the our funding partners, the many volunteer research assistants, and the numerous participants who supported on these projects.