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Over the years many tools have been developed to assist practitioners and agency managers in gathering evidence to track indicators of client change. These have been compiled into a common document that we have titled a Compendium of Evaluation Tools. The document is available in pdf format on the CRWG web site, Select English, then Resources, and click on Evaluation tools, or go directly to to download the compendium. Unfortunately, the Compendium is available only in English.

For those who wish to use any of the tools and tailor them to their own agency, the document is also available in MSWord format here (MS Word file, 1 MB). People have permission to use any of the forms and modify them to fit their own special circumstances (add in your own agency logo, add or delete items from questionnaires, etc.). The only stipulation is that people who use these tools inform the CRWG, or inform me, of how they have used the tools and how beneficial them found them. The purpose of the information is to help us determine the impact of the work we are doing in this area.