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Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling in the Schools

I have been working with colleagues (Sandra Collins and Kathy Cainrs), graduate students (Karin Kemeny, Tamara Gordon, Shari Couture, Michelle Drefs, Joy Robinson), government officials (Niki Wosnack, Garnet Millar), and school staff (Jacquiline Lassard, Wendy Kurchak, Werner Mailandt, and Tammy Davey) to develop needs assessment instruments that can serve as a starting point to develop school-based programming to address the whole-person needs of students. The research underlying this work has produced interesting findings about the needs that students report and the differences between student and adult perceptions of adolescent needs. Some of this work was highlighted in Guidance & Counselling and also the Canadian Journal of Counselling. More recently, I also worked with a multi-disciplinary steering committee to develop a survey instrument and guide for action planning that addressed caring and wellness in schools. This initiative provided an opportunity for students to give voice to concerns related to safety and wellness in their school.